Stihl 880 clone

Stihl 880 clone

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Oil seal proof flanging tool. Small but useful oil seal proof flanging tool for repairing Stihl MS Holzfforma G chainsaws. FarmerTec G. FarmerTec G cutting very hard wood with hand filed. FarmerTec Gxp working with 32 inch bar.

FarmerTec Gxp quick action. Those JonCutters, both of them are good running little saws. For half the money. Took it out on a cold day and just ran the thing. It actually ran pretty well! Its certainly a match of any OEM stock saw.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New media New media comments Latest activity. Media New media New comments Search media. Log in Register.

Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Stihl Clone, whats up with these? Dec 11, Stihl working hard Is it Friday yet. Always buy stihl chainsaws from stihl dealers you are guaranteed a genuine saw and you have come back if something goes wrong.

Str8six ArboristSite Operative. Chinese junk! Yukon Stihl ArboristSite Guru.

Still 660 Clone $270.00

At least these are a different color,no mistaking them for the real thing. Everybody wants in on the Chinese crap, the big sporting goods dealers do it all the time. Send American made stuff to China and have them copy it. Joined Sep 20, Messages Location Connecticut. Looks cheap too. Is that clutch drum made from the bottom of a beer can?

stihl 880 clone

GrassGuerilla Olympic Piss-reving wanna be. Yukon Stihl said:. The is only a few cc's bigger than a xp yet its heavier and move vibration too. Australia Website www. Nothing really wrong with them I have 2 and both go well and others who own them say the same although some say they need the diaphragm replaced another point Stihl no longer make them. I think you can actually buy all the parts on e bay and build stihl saws cheaper than you can buy a new one.

Joined Nov 7, Messages Location Indiana. Str8six said:. Let's get this straight! The only reason that any of these countries have beat the U.Log in or Sign up. Outdoor Power Equipment Forum. Just gonna leave this here AbsolutionJul 24, KYsawmanMG porting and redpete79 like this. This is gonna be interesting KYsawman and MG porting like this.

Last edited: Jul 24, Dub11Jul 24, He did't post any yet. Maybe later we will see some. My bet is they haven't got any plated yet since this is the first cast run we are seeing. It would be nice to get them raw in finished.

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Power coat in your own colors. HomemadeJul 24, KYsawmanMG portingDub11 and 1 other person like this. So sad news it's going to have a limited coil out of box. AbsolutionJul 25, WonkydonkeyJul 25, Very cool I can garinty I'll be building one and of course I'll be porting it you know it's something that has to be done to all Saw's.

MG portingAug 4, MustangMike and Absolution like this. I asked and was able to get pictures of the coil. For those who know what they are looking for any idea if the coils will be a direct swap?

It looks like it to me. Last edited: Aug 5, AbsolutionAug 5, Human, on you tube did a vid on his where he modded it a bit, With the coil. WonkydonkeyAug 5, Lightning PerformanceMustangMike and Absolution like this.

Sure hope they figure out how to get them ready for packaging without getting shavings everywhere they're not supposed to be. I Know SomethingAug 6, Log in. Wiki Pages Latest activity.

stihl 880 clone

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Search Advanced…. Thread starter Jazzberry Start date Jul 10, JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Status Not open for further replies. Prev 1 2 3 Next. First Prev 2 of 3 Go to page. Aug 22, 1, Northern Canada. Jazzberry said:. Just looked at the site. Complete for If they come up with an or Im in. Where did i say that?

Individual components are very different from a complete product from a legal standpoint. That is why they only sell it as parts.

WoodyIsGoody Minister of Fire. Jan 16, 1, Pacific NW Washington. Except you can buy complete copies ready to run as well. Last edited: Jul 11, Not happy!!!! Stihl and g and av series saw are made when you have huge timber to fall. Great saw for milling or stumping. Proper care and use this saw will last many many yearsavoid ethanol fuel only use good quality mixand never adjust carb unless you know what you're doing.

Top quality chainsaw for big jobs, what a beast! Tons of power. Cause ive wainted one for about three years. It,s very big and powerful. I think it compaires very well with other product,s. This saw is great I keep it in the cab of my loader and when I'm parked on a slight incline wala put this in front of tire instance e break. The series includes the AV and the G, and depending on the length of the bar you install in this chainsaw, you can make cuts up 60 inches long with one swath of the blade.

This Stihl saw will accommodate a wear-resistant, steel-alloy guide bar from 21 inches to 60 inches, which gives you options for the best cut possible. It takes a lot of power to run a inch blade, so it can slice through a tree trunk with a really big diameter. The original Stihl chainsaws came with cc gas engines that delivered exactly that kind of power.

This vintage tool has a powerful engine, making it apt for heavy-duty tree felling. It uses a rigid handlebar system with comfort grip and an Oregon-type chain.

This gives you a good grip, and padding on the handle eases hand strain and reduces the amount of vibration you feel. To make it both durable and lightweight, at only This Stihl chainsaw utilizes a centrifugal clutch and sprocket, a 58mm piston, a 66mm cylinder, and a built-in Fairbanks-Morse-type automatic rewind starter. These things, as well as the ease of getting engine parts like the air filter, spark plug, carburetor, and ignition for this popular model of chainsaw, make it easy to maintain this tool and keep it running.

It uses regular gas for fuel, and you just need to oil the chain to keep it sharp and slicing through the hardest old standing trees or posts.

These chainsaws also accommodate a shorter blade to give you more control when working on smaller branches or cutting posts to the right height. Additional Product Features Measurement System.Orders will continue to ship. Stihl - Aftermarket Chainsaw Parts: Jack's is your place!

We have the Stihl - Aftermarket Chainsaw Parts you need, with fast shipping and great prices. For power equipment parts and accessories, think Jack's!

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stihl 880 clone

Stihl - Aftermarket Handles. Stihl - Aftermarket Ignition Parts. Stihl - Aftermarket Leg Wear. Stihl - Aftermarket Lubrication Systems.NOT a hard nose. I got this saw with no blade or chain. Great powerfull saw. It held up great. Gym membership was too expensive So got me a Great for cutting down Steel telephone poles I use one of those new carbide chains The caretaker.

Packing almost 7.

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You can cut down any tree, chop wood, or work at the lumber factory or milling site with confidence. The engine draws from 6. This means you can relax in knowing that you'll have what it takes to handle a forestry project of any size or scope.

The powerhead only has a weight of You can pick up this heavy-duty model by using the front and rear handles. They are ergonomically angled to enhance comfort even when using long guide bars. Maximize your handling with a bar as short as 17 inches. You can also stretch all the way out to a length of 59 inches for those jobs that would chew up an average chainsaw. You can customize your guide bar for the task at hand and keep an additional guide bar handy if you need flexibility at the work site.

This combination of components creates maximum lubrication so that you can use up to 50 percent less oil.

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Part of this reduction in consumption is thanks to the Ematic bar. It keeps the oil in a reservoir until it's picked up by the chain. If you need to adjust the saw chain, this piece of STIHL equipment has a side-access area you can use for adjustments. These types of chainsaws have ElastoStart starter handles. These saw parts consist of a grip with a built-in shock absorber. Though professionals are generally used to dealing with tough tasks, it's always nice to find features that can make things more comfortable.

660 clone (farmertec) vs Stihl 660

The decompression valve and user-friendly oil pump are also intended to make starting the saw a quicker task. The valve is opened manually before pulling the starter rope to reduce the amount of force needed to get things going. It works by venting compression in the cylinder, and it can be especially helpful in the colder months when your hands might not be as nimble.

You can control the choke, starting throttle lock, and the on-off switch all by using the Master Control Lever. This Stihl chainsaw has innovative technology, such as the IntelliCarb Compensating Carburetor, which adjusts the air-to-fuel ratio automatically.

When the air filter is clogged, the carburetor will compensate by adjusting the fuel flow so that it is easier to maintain the optimal RPM. An anti-vibration system is found on these saws to reduce the strain one might feel when cutting for hours. Available accessories include a case, bar scabbards, and filing tools.

It takes a Magnum chainsaw to do a Magnum job. Additional Product Features Measurement System. GreenWorks 40V 14 inch Cordless Chainsaw 3.